Why most diets don’t work!

Why most diets don’t work!

Why most diets don’t work. 

A   DIET   will not work long-term if it leaves you hungry. Hunger is torture! This torture is a result of how we evolved; if we are hungry enough we will go to almost any lengths to get food. If you are hungry sooner or later your will power will break down and you will eat and eat to excess. It’s a survival mechanism, which served us very well 10,000 years ago. Our bodies are very similar to what they were in the Stone Age when our diets were very different. Low fat, high complex carbohydrates, high fiber diets are what are bodies are adapted for. In countries where this type of diet is the rule, obesity, heart disease, and other degenerative diseases are rare. 

Today’s typical diets are high fat, simple carbohydrates and low in fiber. These foods are not giving our bodies the correct signals to let us know when we have had enough to eat. This combined with a low level of physical activity has caused 70 percent of the North American population to be above their ideal body weight. This has happened despite the fact that as many as 25% of the population is on a diet at any one time.
Please notice the first 3 letters in the word DIET spells DIE
Instead of that diet, eat to be healthy and be more active. Eat smaller portions more often to prevent becoming overly hungry. Discover what food makes you feel good and let feeling good be your goal. By feeling good, I mean during and after you have eaten. Limit those foods that make you sluggish and give you that bloated feeling. Discover and seek out those foods that give you more energy. Look for the satisfaction of knowing you have eaten the right food. If you are hungry, eat and eat healthy. 
Simply put, a diet that leaves you hungry and feeling deprived will not work in the long run.
Choose a diet, which promotes lifestyle change. As soon as your eating habits change it is no longer a diet, but a lifestyle. 
See diet tips.
-by Rex Donald
Health Nut


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Diets don’t work if they leave you hungry or wanting.  Turn a diet into a habit and it is no longer a diet but a lifestyle. Myths dispelled, diet tips, free diet programs etc.

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Why most diets don’t work

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