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Turn Off The Hunger Switch

Control Hunger, Craving, Compulsive Eating and Excessive Hunger

verweight people may be the last socially acceptable targets of disdain and condescension. Bariatrician Dr. Paul Rivas, M.D. admits that he, too, once accused patients of lacking willpower–until he was convinced by research they are victims of biological factors beyond their control. Research has proven that cravings, compulsive eating, and excessive hunger result from imbalanced brain chemistry. And as Rivas says in Turn Off the Hunger Switch, ‘Since the tendency toward being overweight is clearly inherited, it’s a good bet that these ‘bad genes’ do most of their dirty work by causing imbalances in brain chemistry.’

Turn Off the Hunger Switch


But Rivas found that one-size-fits-all drug treatments often fail, and decided to delve deeper. He spent years observing and recording the responses of thousands of patients to various brain chemistry drugs and supplements, and found critical differences. In Turn Off the Hunger Switch, he details his discovery that virtually all cases of chronic obesity stem from one of three different brain chemistry imbalances, or from a rare metabolic response to sugars and starches. Using a short series of probing questions, it takes him just a few minutes to diagnose patients as belonging to one of four weight-control profiles:

  • N-Profile people–the majority of obesity patients–are deficient in norepinephrine. Symptoms include excessive appetite, low energy, attention deficits, and mild depression.
  • S-Profile people are serotonin-deficient–the second most common cause of obesity. Symptoms include sugar cravings, food obsession, binge eating, depression, anxiety, and phobias.
  • D-Profile people are deficient in dopamine. Symptoms include depression, addictive personality, sexual dysfunction, and salt-fat-starch cravings.
  • C-Profile people suffer a dysfunctional metabolic reaction to carbohydrates–the least common cause of obesity. Patients display a combination of N, S, and/or D symptoms, but fail to respond to the usual treatments.

Dr. Rivas’ prescription for patients fitting the N-, S-, or D-Profile is treatment with specific prescription medications and/or supplements that boost brain levels of the chemical in which they are deficient. For C-Profile patients, the only cure is a sharp, lifelong reduction in carbohydrate (sugar-starch) consumption.

In Turn Off the Hunger Switch, he also reveals the questions he asks patients–and the meaning of the answers–so that readers can begin to understand their own problem, and act to address it. He also reviews the scientific evidence for and against the most popular diet pills and potions–with some surprising conclusions. For example, Dr. Rivas notes that non-prescription products that combine ephedra and caffeine are clinically proven effective for weight loss. In fact, he finds such ‘EC’ products as effective for the N-Profile group as Phenteremine, his preferred prescription option.

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Control Hunger, Binge Eating, Craving, Compulsive Eating and Excessive Hunger


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Turn Off The Hunger Switch – Control Hunger, Cravings, Compulsive Eating and Excessive Hunger

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