The Healthy Gimp – My Automobile Accident

The Healthy Gimp – My Automobile Accident

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My Automobile Accident

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The Automobile Accident 

It was the 28th day of August 1974.  I was on summer break and  just finished work at my summer job.  I had the next day off. The first one in 10 days.  I met my three friends David, Robert and Alex for a night on the town.  We decided we would travel to a town near by. They had a go cart track and a video arcade.  We had a couple of beer on the way.  The go-carts were great fun, but very slow.  On the way home,  I was driving and driving too fast.


Rear View of Car

The road had many curves and placeswhere you should not drive over 40 MPH.  Fortunately, we arrived home safely.  The first time.  As I did not have to work the next day, we decided to go out for a bite to eat.  Alex and Robert decided to take their car and we followed each other to the restaurant. 


Front View of Car

 David was a good storyteller and over our he meal began to brag about how fast he could travel on the road we had just driven on earlier.

At this point, all three of us sided against David, explaining that he could not possibly drive that fast in his car on that road. 

After we finished eating we climbed into our cars and headed for the highway.  Alex and Robert followed in their car.  Again, we began driving too fast.  Alex and Robert broke off the chase and headed home.  We continue a short while and after realizing that they were not following, we turned around.  At this point I could tell David was frustrated because they had not followed.  I can remember reaching across and putting on my seat belt, almost as if I knew something was about to happen.


8 weeks after accident and 2 days after an emergency kidney operation

Approaching a corner, which was posted for 40 MPG we headed in at about 80 MPG.  We would have made it except halfway through the corner we met another car and were forced on to the soft shoulder.  The car then skidded through the corner and over the embankment on the other side.  We tumbled nose to tail hitting heavy on the rear and lightly on the front. (see pictures) To my best recollection the car tumbled 3 times.  I could feel the pain in my back each time the car tumbled.  It seemed to take forever to stop even though it could not have lasted more than about than 5 seconds. 


13 Weeks After the Accident

When the car came to rest I found myself pinned in the car,  experiencing pain like I had never felt before.   There was David standing just outside  explaining he would get help.  This was very strange, as David was killed on impact.  I do believe that somehow, David did get help.  

My back was broken in three places and my spinal cord was badly damaged.  The Hospital was my home for the next 4 ½ months. 


This is my children and I, vacationing in Florida 26 years later.


Left to Right – Bryce,  Kristie, Tania, Rex & Trisha

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