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Rex Donald, a paraplegic since the age of 18,  has been blessed with the extraordinary gift of story telling. He is a rare and charismatic inspirational speaker who shares with audiences the sometimes humorous and very inspiring story of his life.  

Following his injury in 1974, he established himself as a World Class Athlete and competed in the 1976 Para Olympic Games. 

 Rex is a Graduate of Queens’ University, Kingston, Ontario.  After Graduatimg in 1981,  he began work with Walwyn Stodgell Cochran Murry Inc. as a stock broker. He won numerous awards, including becoming a member of the exclusive Presidents’ Club.  

From  1990 to 1994  he was Marketing Director and part owner of a wheelchair manufacturing company playing an intricate roll in opening new marketing and expanding the product line.  

Rex and Donna, his wife of 25+ years are happily married with 4 children, Kristie, Tania, Trisha and Bryce.

Today Rex is owner of Contact Marketing Services, a marketing and sales training company. 

The benefits of having Rex speak at your next event:

  • health as a responsibility and a reward

  • greater clarity on vision or purpose in life

  • more satisfaction and fulfillment

  • less concern with needing approval of others

  • refined commitments, priorities and values

  • perceptual changes

  • increased productivity

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