Liquid Cleansing Fasting Diet

Liquid Cleansing Diet

Many readers of this short article will be aware of the significant health benefits of apple juice, distilled water, prune juice, honey, garlic, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and fasting. I have included all of these health helpers into a revolving four week cycle of weekly one-day liquid fasting (cleansing) diets, similar in many respects to the popular three-day cleansing diet program of Dr. John Christopher, M.H.. The reason for such a diet is to  flush out and neutralize various toxins and waste materials in the body, (in blood vessels, the cells, etc., including the digestive system), which cause disease and other health related problems when accumulated. 

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The four main liquid fasting fluids… apple cider vinegar, apple juice, lemonade in water, and distilled water… has its’ own unique method of cleansing. This repeatable cleansing diet cycle is a coordinated way of using important health restoring items on a regular schedule. The first cleansing fluid to use on the first weekly one day fast, is pure natural pasteurized apple juice. One gallon of it. Preferably,  not  from concentrate. This is really a one day version of one of Dr. John Christopher’s 3-day cleansing liquid diets. The second fasting cleansing liquid, for the second week, is  just a gallon of lemonade. Squeeze the lemon juice from two or three large fresh lemons into a gallon of pure water and include 4-tablespoons of  honey (do not use sugar). Mix the honey by stirring it into a glass of water.  Add it to the lemonade. The third fasting cleansing fluid  is similar to the lemonade, except that 4 tablespoons of pure apple cider vinegar (do not use apple cider “flavored” vinegar) replaces the lemon juice. The fourth fasting cleansing fluid, for the 4th week of the cycle, is a whole gallon of distilled water. Pick one day of the week, Saturday or Sunday for most people, to relax and stay close to a bathroom. Begin the day with sixteen fluid ounces of prune juice with the pulp. This will help to cleanse your digestive system. Hold it for at least two hours (if possible) to allow it to remove heavy metals and other waste products. One hour after drinking the prune juice, drink the gallon of distilled water at the rate of ten to twelve ounces each hour. The health benefits of garlic may also be included to the cleansing fast in the following manner. Each hour, cut a clove of garlic lengthwise into quarters or halves, and cut the slices crosswise into chucks about one-sixteenth of an inch thick. Take the garlic pieces a few at a time using some of the fasting fluid to wash it down  without chewing.  Consume nothing else during each fast, but your usual vitamin and/or mineral supplements. (aspirin or ibuprofen may be taken for the headache or other aches and pains which often result from toxins being flushed to the blood-stream on the way out through the kidneys. On the day after a fast, your digestive system is likely to be disrupted.  Start the following day with a large glass of water. An hour later, drink a large glass of orange juice. For lunch, have twelve ounces of vegetable or tomato juice. Have a large glass of milk in the afternoon. Eat a small meal for supper. At bedtime, take an Acidophilus supplement, or eat some yogurt with active yogurt cultures.  This will restore beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract. You may be feeling hungry and weak during each fast and even on the day after, particularly during the first cycle.  Patience and self-discipline are required here. The four-week cycle of a weekly one-day liquid cleansing diet should be used often and on a regular repeating basis, for maximum health benefits. 


Article based on an Article by  Robert McElwaine 


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 Liquid Fasting Cleansing diet

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Liquid  Cleansing Dieta one day repeatable four-week cycle of weekly one-day liquid cleansing & fasting.

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 Liquid Fasting Cleansing diet

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