Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet – Scam or Miracle

I have been asked;  Is the Hollywood 48 Hour Diet a scam? Does the Hollywood diet work? The answer is yes and no to both questions.  Let me explain.

The Hollywood 48 hour diet works to help you lose weight because it is a cleansing diet which can cause you to lose a large amount of weight in a short period of time. 

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Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet – Lose up to 14 pounds in 2 days. Is it a scam or is it a miracle. Find out here.

Lose up to 14 pounds – Scam or Miracle

It’s Doctor Tested. This remarkable Diet produced impressive results. A test involving 27 volunteers, ranging in age from 18-67 (both men and women), found that the participants lost on average 4.5% of their body weight and a significant fat loss. The report found that each participant lost a significant amount of weight. The weight loss ranged from 4.5 pounds to 16.5 pounds. All participants were very happy with their individual weight loss… and expressed their desire to use the Diet again, on a regular basis. The weight loss ranged from 4.5 pounds to 16.5 pounds.

How does it work?

The Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet disrupts your regular food intake while cleansing your digestive system.  The juice is a blend of natural fruit juices, enzymes and minerals which in combination acts as a mild laxative to flush out your system.   Consuming the juice at regular intervals thorough out the day, helps to balance your blood sugar level and aids in controlling your hunger.


Where does the weight loss come from

At this point you need to understand a little biology. 


First Fat Loss. 

A pound of fat contains 3500 calories and the average 150 lb person will burn about 2000 calories a day.  This would result in a maximum fat loss of just over 1 pound over 2 days.  This applies to all diets claiming fast weight loss, not just the Hollywood Diet.  One pound of fat loss over 2 days or 3 1/2 pounds a week, is the maximum fat loss you should expect from any diet.


Muscle Loss

A pound of muscle contains about 700 calories.  So in fact if your body burns only muscle for energy you would lose 6 pounds of muscle in 2 days.  This of course would not happen as your body will only burn small amounts of muscle at a time, perhaps 700 calories a day at the most or about a pound per day.  The loss of muscle can be prevented or reduced by exercising. Your body will only burn muscle as a last resort if they (muscles) are being used.  When dieting the saying “use it or lose it” as it applies to muscle, is true.  This is one reason why it is important to exercise while dieting so that you do not lose muscle.  Remember ,”use it or lose it”.


Waste product 

The typical individual has between 3 and 10 pounds of fecal matter and other waste material in their body.  In fact, this is where a large part of the weight loss comes from in the Hollywood Miracle Diet.  This is the main reason I would call it a cleansing diet. You might expect to lose between 2 and 5 pounds or more of waste matter.  


Water Loss

The Hollywood diet may also act as a diuretic causing you to lose water. You may expect to lose between 1 and 6 pounds due to water loss. Please remember to drink plenty of water. You should drink at least 10 – 8oz glasses of water.  In fact, when you drink a lot of water, your body will have a tendency to retain less water.


Estimated weight loss for the Hollywood 48 Hour Diet

Fat 1 pound +
Muscle 0 to 2 pounds
Fecal & waste matter 2 to 5 pounds +
Water 1 to 6 pounds +
Total Estimated Weight Loss 4 to 14 pounds +


So in fact, the weight loss potential of this diet is as they claim.  However, as you can see, only a small amount of the weight loss would be the result of fat. But, I would argue that the loss of fecal matter would be even more important.  For some people repeating this diet once a month is a great benefit to overall health.


So is it Scam?

It depends on what you expect. If you expect a miracle you won’t get it. If you expect a short term cleansing diet, then it works very well.  In my opinion it is not a scam because it does work.  However, at prices ranging up to almost $30.00 dollars, it is expensive for what would appear to be a fortified blend of fruit juices.


Benefits of the Hollywood Diet as a Cleansing Diet

– easy to follow

– helps to control hunger 

cleansing the bowels tends to reduce your waist size by as much as   2  inches or more.

– weight loss (see above). 

– a clean system gives a feeling of well-being. 

– flushes system and allows for a better functioning bowel

experience a energy boost as your body begins to function more efficiently.

– fortified with vitamins and minerals

– may be a good way to jump start your weight loss program

 Use the Hollywood  Diet for what it is, “A Cleansing Diet”






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