Emotional Intelligence and more

A self-help guide to emotional intelligence (EQ). Emotional Intelligence, self-help and better living programs are explored to help you discover what will work for you.  Resources on the Net are identified.  Free tips on creating your own EQ plan.

Emotional Intelligence

A journey through emotional intelligence
and better living for everybody.

Emotional intelligence is part of health and well-being.  It is widely accepted around the world as a key element in our success, family life, physical fitness, self-esteem and creativity.  Looking for resources on emotional intelligence, however, can be daunting unless you know how to sift through the possibilities.  In this section of the web site, we explore mental health and other emotional intelligence resources.

It’s possible to be very intelligent or high in “IQ” but low in emotional intelligence or “EQ”.  A famous story from MIT is that the smartest graduates don’t always have the best careers.   Sometimes, those who know how to understand themselves and get along with others get the furthest in life.

Dealing with stress and understanding nutrition are also part of emotional intelligence.  Stress is something we try to remove from the world around us.  Good nutrition is essential to our mental health and, therefore, to our success.

Every Emotional Intelligence guru, starting with Doctor Daniel Goleman, who began the movement in 1995, points to one starting place: getting to know yourself.  Most of us, ironically, don’t really understand how we work inside… what we’re all about.

An important thing to look for is hidden, long-term anger.  It’s possible for you or me or anybody to feel hurt, mad, destructive, resentful, etc., toward something or someone without really knowing it.  What’s worse, we can take out how we feel about one person on another.  That’s something nobody really wants to do. The knot can be undone!

Knowing yourself is an important 1st step in increasing your“EQ” 

How To Know Your Higher Self 
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Diet and Lifestyle are important factors to Maximize your Emotional Intelligence.

Many things in our lives come together when we look at our mental health, emotional intelligence and barriers to better living.  Diet is one of the key factors, but it’s not something we readily notice. When we don’t eat right our bodies, including our brains, aren’t getting the ingredients they need to work best.

Many people are “emotional eaters” who eat to escape from feelings.
Take this fun and informative quiz to see if you’re an emotional overeater, then come back and join us for more!

How to let EQ work for you

Emotional intelligence can work for you.  One of the big secrets is to let it work.

Too often in our lives, we can do something and we know we can do something, but we get in our own way.   As silly as that sounds, it happens all the time…

Let EQ Work page coming soon!

Leading EQ resources on the Net

Everybody’s doing it, so there must be something in it.  But how do you shop for EQ on the Net or in your community?   There are incredible resources being developed today…

Leading EQ Resources page coming soon!

Tips on creating your own EQ plan

Building an EQ plan might just be one of the best things you could do for yourself.  You could just possibly make money training others, too!  A plan is not such a hard thing to make…

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Diet programs are important in quality of life today.
Finding out what really works important, too. 

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