Disabilities and Relationship: Social as well as sexual!

      It’s no secret that the able-bodied population reacts standoffish when encountering a person with a disability.  However, humans are smart and can consciously change the way they think and act.  Here are some tips to help disabilities and relationships mesh.


Stop Talking About It!

      Stop talking about your disability.  Disabilities and relationships don’t always need to be discussed simultaneously.  Talk about subject s they can relate to instead.  I constantly see disabled people who keep blabbing about their condition, thinking it’ll help the AB person feel comfortable now that they’re educated.  But this plan can backfire.  Sometimes, talking mainly about your disability will only make the AB person become more and more standoffish.

      Instead, talk about current events. sports, and ask about their jobs and lives; people love it when others show interest in them.  There’s plenty of time to give them the in’s and out’s of your condition later on.  Your see, not talking about your disability takes the focus off of it and shifts the focus on you as a person instead, therefore creating a greater opportunity for disabilities and relationships to seem “normal.”


Smile and Relax

      Remember to smile and relax.  Smiling helps AB folks feel instantly comfortable and welcomes conversation.  Disabilities and relationships are foreign to some, and smiling can only help. Also, being relaxed is a good idea.  When we feel relaxed, people around us can sense it.  Be an open spirit giving off positive energies and watch people gravitate towards you. 


Able-Bodied Romantic Relationships

Helping AB folks see you as a potential romantic partner is a possible endeavor.  Disabilities and relationships can go together!  Despite many people’s successes in finding love, it can be heartbreakingly difficult for others.

Hear are some tips to find an AB mate.  First, show the world in subtle ways that you’re a sexual being.  Help the world realize that persons with disabilities and relationships (that are sexual) can go hand in hand.  Many AB people assume we’re asexual, and this fact can lead to many missed chances.  If you’re a woman, try dressing in a more feminine way.  And if your ever get the opportunity to come out and say, “Your know I can still have sex and enjoy it too,” please do!  Disabilities and relationships sometimes need a swift kick in the butt.

And if you’re a man, put on some nice cologne and dress sharply.  These things convey to women that your care about yourself and that you’re sexual.  These things also help AB persons believe that folks with disabilities and relationships with a romantic hue can coexist.  And lastly, flirt and compliment.  People love compliments and flirting conveys that you’re sexual and fun.

Disabilities and relationships; it can be hard at times, and you may just  want to give up altogether.  Just remember that comfort is the key and it can and will open the door to great relationships in your future.


By: Tiffiny Carlson

Founder of Beauty Ability

Tiffiny is a C6 quad and resides in Minnesota.  She is a freelance writer and enjoys traveling, shopping, writing, and maintaining her website.

Visit her website athttp://www.beautyability.com 

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