Caveman Diet or Paleolithic Diet

The Caveman Diet / Paleolithic Diet
Eating the Stone Age Way

As far as diets go, the caveman diet or Paleolithic diet is based on a simple concept. Eat like our stone age ancestors did, lose weight and lead a more healthier and happier life. The caveman and cavewoman for that matter, ate a radically different diet than most of us in North America are accustomed to. There was no agriculture 40 thousand years ago, so Paleolithic families relied on meat from game, fish and seafood, berries, vegetables (mostly root vegetables except potatoes which arrived much later) and nuts. Research has shown that the caveman didn’t live nearly as long as we do today but as an early society, they were healthier, taller and stronger. Agriculture and the introduction of grains has only been around for about 10 thousand years. Researchers say that in terms of genetics and our body’s ability to adapt to dietary change, this is a very short period time. Soil depletion because of modern agricultural practices has also wiped out many of the trace minerals our bodies need. Many nutritional experts have now recommended supplements, especially anti-oxidants. see  Multivitamin

What can learn from the Caveman diet?

I don’t think anyone would suggest that we start spearing wild game and fish and rely on a few berries and root vegetables that would could gather to feed our families, but there are some important nutritional aspects to look at when we consider what the cavemen subsisted on. Researchers and advocates of the Caveman diet claim that we have departed so far from Paleolithic eating that 55 percent of the North American diet is “new food” not eaten by our stone age ancestors. In general, the caveman diet’s subsistence ratio was 35% plant and 65% animal. This suggests that humans evolved on a diet that was primarily animal based and consequently low to moderate in complex carbohydrates, high in protein and low to moderate in fat. If the caveman’s diet sounds familiar, it’s because many of the low carb, high protein diets of today such as Montignac’s Eat Yourself Slim, The Atkin’s Diet, the Zone and the South Beach Diet have adopted this line of thinking when it comes to weight loss and healthy living. 

Can what we know about the caveman make our life more fulfilling and healthy?

Most diets can work when physical activity is put into the mix. Along with eating more lean meats and avoiding highly processed carb-packed foods such as potato chips and fast food, we could spend more time outdoors. Why not have some fun with the caveman concept and go on a wild blueberry picking excursion, pick wild leeks in the spring, go for hikes and spend time camping under the stars. It’s been proven that diets work when it includes a change in lifestyle. Maybe learning more about the caveman can change our way of thinking. 

Conclusion : What Can you do to eat a diet which  suits you to promote good health.

– incorporate exercise in to a new lifestyle – start small and work at it slowly.
– Eat more fresh fruits and vegetable.
– Eat more Fish, or other sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. I.e. Omega Eggs or take a good essential fatty acid supplement. see Omega-6 and Omega-3 Fatty Acid Ratio
– take a good quality multivitamin to compensate for our depleted soils.

Diet Tip: To maintain energy and your metabolism take a good quality multivitamin.  see What to Look for in the Best Multivitamin

Remember if you do not take care of your health and diet who will. Take charge of you diet and lifestyle today. 

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The Cave Man Diet – suggests eating more unprocessed foods, increase protein, reduce bad fats, increase good fats and take supplements to compensate for the depleted soils our food is grown in.

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1. Wadley, G & Martin, A (2000): The Origins of Agriculture- a bilolgical perspective and a new hypothesis. Journal of the Australasian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine, Vol 19, No.1, April, 3-12 

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Diet Tip: 

To maintain energy and your metabolism take a good quality multivitamin.  see What to Look for in the Best Multivitamin

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